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Shandong ChangQing Metal surface engineering co., LTD Is a joint-stock enterprise located in the shandong pingyin area. Focus on the metal surface anti-corrosion wear-resistant thermal spray technology service for 20 years, has advanced supersonic flame spraying (welding) system, arc spraying system, plasma spraying system and so on more than 20 sets. We also have more than 20 sets of machining equipment; Company existing staff more than 180 people, senior engineer 6, 30 engineers, spraying (welding), senior skilled worker 80 people, strong technical force, complete qualification, construction ability. Companys business involves: ceramic coating, thermal spraying, the metal surface repair reinforcement, metal anti-corrosion, electric arc spraying and flame spraying and plasma spraying, ceramic coating, papermaking industry drying cylinder surface strengthening and spraying of papermaking machine maintenance; Power plant boiler four tubes anti-corrosion, wear-resistant coating construct......